FAQs – Tips & Guides

You can find frequently asked questioned about Aryan – Listing & Directory WordPress Theme here.

Listings Types

Aryan – Listing & Directory WordPress theme has advance level form builder pre-defined 5 sets of listing types build inside of theme and its all related questions can be found here.

Listings FAQs

Listings general FAQs explained with features and guide

User Dashboard

Complete User Dashboard control with extensive features explanation

Search Settings

You can find all search system settings from here for banner and other area.s

Page Builder

Aryan – Listing & Directory WordPress theme is fully integrated with ELementor page builder which you can use to build website sections easily,

Payment Options

Aryan – Listing & Directory WordPress theme has 6 built-in payment gateways inside it, No need for extra to pay for these ads on modules available free inside the theme. Paypal Stripe Payfast Razorpay Paystack

Pricing Plans

Different price plan currency pay per listing package management

Map Settings

Maps settings with layout control zoom default settings explanation

Login & Register

Login/Register – Redirection complete details covered in the articles