Can I Add my Own Custom Currency

Yes, using Aryan WordPress theme you can add your own custom currency easily at your site if your currency is not available in the given list.

Booking Available ?

Yes aryan has built in booking feature available that is used for all Listing type booking + you can enjoy booking complete feature for custom listing types created also.

Can Listing Features & Form Fields be Controlled from Plan ?

Listing Features are created from admin side and they are associated with the listing types so that has no connection with the plan. But Custom Form Fields created from Form Builder with Listing Type can

Can I Switch Submit Form Page Design Style ?

Yes, Form Builder allows you to switch submit listing page form style from the given pre defined designs as shown on the demo, you can use anyone you like.

What is Compare Feature and How it can be used ?

There is Build in feature for Compare cars / properties which users can use to Compare different car vehicles / estate properties to see there features, Compare feature will only work for Automobile & Property

Can I Place Banner In Inner / Other Pages ?

No, Main Banner is only developed for Homepage you cannot show banner on inner pages, There is no option / shortcode available for it. Inner pages have there sub banner section.

Can I add my Own Mode or information of Cars ?

Yes you can customize your own information of the Car listing type which allows users to enter there relevant information as you have created from admin side.

Can I Add Features and Custom Fields for Listings ?

Yes, you can add features with icons and custom form fields for different listing types for getting users data from submit listing page.

Can I Activate and Use Different Listing Types at same Time ?

Yes you can activate and can use all listing types at the same time this is main idea of Aryan is to provide facility to the users to have different listings types available at same

Is Ordering System Available ?

Yes, Ordering system is available for Restaurant Listing Types only which users can use to make order for the available menu items.