The Basics

WordPress security is mainly all about simple fixes and common sense. The idea is to apply fixes that minimize the commonly known WordPress security issues and harden the website security.

TIP #1: Invest In The Right Web Hosting

Website security begins with a secure managed WordPress hosting provider. This has become an essential aspect of building your online presence. A secure web host will not only have industry-proven security processes in place but also have your back in case something goes wrong with your website. Almost every such provider has an effective disaster recovery strategy that kicks in case your website suffers an incident.

TIP #2: Leverage Scheduled Backups

At first glance, scheduled backups might not look like a WordPress security measure. However, this crucial step can prove to be a lifesaver when disaster strikes. In such cases, website backups are a great way of taking the site back online within hours of a disaster.

WordPress backups can be done on two levels: offsite backups and/or backup via hosting provider.

1- Offsite WordPress Backup

2- Local WordPress Backup

TIP #3: Have a Strong Password

A strong password is a very basic but oft-overlooked WordPress security must-do that protects against many WordPress vulnerabilities.

Ideally, passwords should be hard-to-guess for people and must contain case-sensitive alphabets, punctuation, and numbers

TIP #4: Limit Login Attempts

By default, WordPress doesn’t place any restrictions on how many times a visitor can try out usernames and passwords multiple times at the login. This is the reason behind the many unintentional user-caused WordPress security issues.

To prevent this and add an extra layer of security to the WordPress websites, site admins should install a limit login attempts plugin that prevents hackers from exploiting this issue and mount a brute force login attack on your site.

TIP #5: Change the WordPress Login URL and Default Username

After launched the WordPress you can go to the admin panel and change your site according to your requirements. This is not possible if you had no access to the WordPress admin dashboard.

Change WordPress Login URL: Changing the default WP-admin login URL makes it hard for hackers to launch a brute force attack on your website. This simple step greatly strengthens the security of your WordPress site.

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