How To Create Image Menu ?

Aryan has an Image menu facility for Restaurant Listing Types only if you are planning to show a menu card on your restaurant listing detail page you can simply add an image menu with some

How To Create Menu Groups & Items In Restaurant Listing Type ?

If you are planning to show the menu groups and items in your listing detail page, We have a wonder full feature available for it, as it only works for Restaurant Listing Type, To use

How To Create & Offer Menu Deals In Restaurant Listing Type

Restaurant listing type not only offers you menu item but it also has Menu Deals that has set of deals offering at a good rate to order it from your Favourite listing Restaurant from your

How Menu Ordering System Works in Restaurant Listing Type ?

Nowadays Menu items order delivery is very important in websites so we have given a complete module to manage the orders of the menu items from the Restaurant so Aryan is offering in Restaurant Listing

How Restaurant Booking System Works ?

Aryan is the most powerful listing & directory theme that has a complete solution and full of features, It also offers a Restaurant booking module with it. If a users find a Restaurant listing near