How To Create & Offer Menu Deals In Restaurant Listing Type

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Restaurant listing type not only offers you menu item but it also has Menu Deals that has set of deals offering at a good rate to order it from your Favourite listing Restaurant from your location.

To use this feature first you need to enable it from your Theme Options > User Dashboard > Menu Deals >

Then Go your User Dashboard > Menu Tab > Menu Deals

Create a menu deal by clicking on the Plus button

  1. Select your Restaurant Listing
  2. Enter Deal Title E.g Pizza Offer
  3. Enter Regular Price (without Currency Sign)
  4. Enter Discounted Price if you are offering a discount on a deal (without Currency Sign)
  5. Add an image for your menu deal
  6. Click on plus to create an Menu Deal Item
  7. Enter Menu Deal Item title price and click to add
  8. Repeat the last step to create your menu deals items
  9. Last click on the Done button and create a deal.

Video Guide :


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