What is difference between Featured / Ads Listings ?

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There are 2 types of modules that you can set with your listings to have more importance than other listings available at your site.

One is Featured Listings (which are set from the price plan)

Second is Ads Listings (Ads are placed from the User Dashboard by listing author)

We are going to explain to you in detail both features :

Featured Listings :

While you (Admin) are creating price plans for your site there is an option to set your Price Plan as Featured.

There are 3 options in it.

  1. Plan Only
  2. Listings Only
  3. Both

If you (Admin) click Plan only it will just feature the plan, Listings Only will only feature listings from it but the plan is not featured.

Both are the Best Options if you (Admin) choose both then you (Admin) can charge the listing author from the price plan to have their listing featured on the homepage.

Once Listings are added using the Featured plan then Admin can place an Element on the homepage ET Featured / Ads Listings Element

Step 1 ) Drop Element on the page

Step 2 ) Set Type Featured

Step 3 ) Select Listing Type from which you want to have featured listings to show up

Step 4) Select the available grid-style / list style

Ads Listings :

Ads are placed by the listing author on their listings to have their listings show up on the site in terms of Homepage, Search Results, and to Show Ads in the Listing Detail Page Sidebar section.

For more information please this article about Ads Campaign Listings.



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