How Does Additional Filters Works ?

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There are pre-defined filters available that can be used to filter the search results according to the requirement but if users want to have more additional filters to narrow down the search then you can easily create the additional filters with the following steps

Additional filters are the Custom Form Fields created from Form Builder and added with the listing types.

E.g you can create different fields for the Restaurant listing type and different fields for the property type.

Step 1 –

Please go to your Form Builder Settings > Listings >

Step 2-

Select the Listing type you want to add custom fields


From form builder Click on Add New Field


Select the Type of field you want to have

  1. Text
  2. Textarea
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. URL
  6. Upload
  7. DateTimePicker
  8. DatePicker
  9. TimePicker
  10. Checkbox
  11. Radio
  12. Select

Enter the Label

Placeholder Text

Set as Required Field or Not (For Submit Listing Form)

Click on Add New Field

After this, the custom field will be added at the bottom of the form fields you can drag and drop where you wish to have.


Save Form Builder Settings.


Please go to Listing Plans > All Plans >

Edit the plan which you have associated with the listing type upon which the custom field is created.

Check the Custom field created


Update the plan.

Now Go to Submit Listing Page, Select that plan on which the custom field is checked on.

Now add the listing using this plan in which a custom field is enabled to publish the listing.

Make sure you have Enable Filters to show on the search result page, To verify that please go to Theme Options > Search Settings > Search Filters 

Enable / Disable Additional Filters to show on the search result page from here.

Also, you can set Filters position to show in the sidebar area or in a popup modal.

Once all setting Is done you can filter you results from the search result page using available filters 🙂


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