How To Create Master Search Page ?

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What is Master Search?

Aryan has a unique feature that is never seen before that is a master search that provides a simple unique way of searching listings from the website easily.

All listing types activated if are shown on the top clicking on them will change the listings on the mapping runtime according to the selected listing type.

Users can see short information with listing open-close hours and reviews also, Upon clicking on the listing it will move to the listing detail page.

Also, there are advanced filters available which users can use to filter up the listings up to their requirements.

How to Create Master Search Page?

Creating a master search page is very easy, You just need to create a new page and select Page Template as Map Home

Select it and create the page

What is the requirement For this Master Search?

  1. Listings should be Published on the website with the listing type.
  2. Google Map / Mapbox is required
  3. Must have Map API key / Mapbox Token to work the map functionality

Can I Edit the Master Search Page?

NO, There is no option in page builder which you can use to edit this page, This page has a fixed layout no page builder will work on it,

Overview Master Search :


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