What are Listing Features & How they are added to Listing Types

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What is Listing Features

We have created Features as Taxonomy of WordPress and they are called Amenities.

Features are used to get extra details of the listings type according to the topic from the user.

Features are created by Admin only and are associated with the listing type by which the user will select listing type he will be able to see features on the Submit Listing Page.

Features are an example :

Car Parking, Smoking, Outdoor Sitting, etc.

Once Features are selected by the user on the submit the listing page after approval of the listing features are shown on the Listing Detail Page.

Screenshot Guide :

  1. Enter the Feature Name
  2. Select Listing Type you want to show Feature
  3. Enter Font Awesome Icon Code / Given Base 64 Icons
  4. If you do not want to add icon you can enter Base 64 icon code image code there.
  5. Add Feature Icon

The user Selects available listing features for his listing.

Features are shown on the listing detail page like this.

Last make sure you have the Features section enabled from the Theme Options > Listing Detail Page Layout Manager.

How to Get Base 64 Icon Code

  1. Go to icon8 website set base 64 icons.
  2. Search for Icon
  3. Click on your Icon selected
  4. Click Embed HTML
  5. Manage Icon Custom Size up 50 or 64 maximum
  6. Click on Base 64
  7. Code the code
  8. Open Notepad editor
  9. Paste the code and remove image start and ending tag
  10. Copy up code again
  11. Move back to Listing Features and base icon code in the icon code field.

Video Guide

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