What Is Near me Filter & how it works ?

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Nowadays a listing directory website has a lot of listings information data so when a visitor comes to search a listing near to his location its difficult to find from a long list of listings so the theme is offering a Near Me Filter to filter the results in the search page near to that user location if there any listing available it will show to that user.

How To Turn On Near Me Filter ?

To use this near me filter you need to turn on the near me filter first by going to

Theme Options > Search Settings > Search Filters > Nearest > Switch It On and Save Settings.

When you turn on this near me filter you will see too settings input field which allows you to Select Distance Units as Kilometers or Miles

Select the Distance Unit you wish to have then entered the default near me starting value and Max Near Me Range value in digital numbers e.g

1 Starting as 1 km/miles (as selected)

100 ending as km/miles (as selected)

Save The Changes.

How To Use Near Me Filter?

To use this filter it will show on your search archive page of listings click on near me.

When you click on the Near Me option in the frontend it will ask your location. Click to allow for analyzing your location. After allowing location you can easily filter listings based on the minimum and maximum range (As per the configuration defined in the backend).

 Video Guide :

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