How To Create Master Search Page ?

What is Master Search? Aryan has a unique feature that is never seen before that is a master search that provides a simple unique way of searching listings from the website easily. All listing types

What Is Near me Filter & how it works ?

Nowadays a listing directory website has a lot of listings information data so when a visitor comes to search a listing near to his location its difficult to find from a long list of listings

How To Set Default layout List / Grid in Search Result Page ?

If someone is searching for the listings in the search result page there is a default layout set showing grids layout for the listings in the search result, There is also a switch available in

Search Result Pagination / Infinite Scroll

If the user has set the search result page limit to show a number of listings as 10 and a website has 100 listings show 10 pagination numbers will show there which a user can

How Search Works ?

Aryan has a strong search mechanism for finding the listings on the website which the admin can set the search parameters of his choice. There are 2 types of search settings Banner Search Settings Search

How Does Additional Filters Works ?

There are pre-defined filters available that can be used to filter the search results according to the requirement but if users want to have more additional filters to narrow down the search then you can

How to Limit Listings Search Result Per Page ?

You can set the number of listings to show on the search result page by going to Theme Options > Listings > Achieve > Listings Per Page > Enter a number of listings there you

How to Switch Off Grid / List Switcher on Search Page

You can Switch off Grid / List Switcher from your Search Achieve Page from Theme Options > Listings > Achieve > Grid / List switcher > Set it off

How To Sort Listing Results in Search Page

You can set the sorting results on the Search Result page from your Theme Options > Listings > Achieve > Order By > Select the Order you want to have listings Title Date Random Most Reviewed