How To Enable Social Logins ?

Aryan has a built-in social login system inside it which does not need any other third-party service permission or plugin for it. Aryan is offering 2 build-in social logins inside it Facebook Login Google Login

How To Change Login / Register Style ?

Aryan is a powerful system that has a complete set of features that offers you to change login/register popup style easily, Please go to Theme Options > Login & Register Tab Choose the login register

How To Translate Aryan ?

If you want to translate or change the default text in the buttons, header, and pages like Submit Listing text, Aryan has a language file .pot inside the theme languages folder which you can use with

Will All Translations lost after theme update ?

If you are updating the Aryan theme and exact core plugin then YES your all translation done will be lost So to avoid this loss you PLEASE ALWAYS BACK UP BEFORE UPGRADING. WE ARE NOT

What Is Near me Filter & how it works ?

Nowadays a listing directory website has a lot of listings information data so when a visitor comes to search a listing near to his location its difficult to find from a long list of listings

How To Set Default layout List / Grid in Search Result Page ?

If someone is searching for the listings in the search result page there is a default layout set showing grids layout for the listings in the search result, There is also a switch available in

Search Result Pagination / Infinite Scroll

If the user has set the search result page limit to show a number of listings as 10 and a website has 100 listings show 10 pagination numbers will show there which a user can

How Search Works ?

Aryan has a strong search mechanism for finding the listings on the website which the admin can set the search parameters of his choice. There are 2 types of search settings Banner Search Settings Search