What are Email Templates Settings ?

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There are some settings available for Email Management Templates like,

Restore Default

If you want to restore the default layout and content for your Email Template there is a button available for it.

Disable Email

if you want to especially disable any email template you can easily click on Disable Email button to disable the email sent.

Email Subject

You can change your Email Subject easily from the given field you want to send, Also you can use global shortcodes there like

Successfully Registered on %website_name%

This will send email as Subject

Successfully Registered on

Email Headers

There are 2 fields available but those fields are not editable

  1. From Name
  2. From Email

From Name is your website (Site Title) which you have set from your WordPress > Settings > General 

From Email is your website email address on which you have created your WordPress on your site used as admin email.

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