How Report Now Works ?

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Aryan has Report Now features which visitors/users can report on the listing using the Report Now button

This feature allows reporting about the listing owners’ inappropriate website content or by law. The report now will show a notification to an admin about that listing.

Aryan has a Report Now form in which users can fill the Email address and Detail page problem seen in that listing in the text area available.

Once the form is submitted a backend notification will be shown to admin upon which after investigation admin can take action regarding that listing if found some illegal/irrelevant content against the laws or Terms and condition.

Admin can perform tasks upon Report listing.

Remove Listing

Admin can click on the Remove listing button it will remove that listing from the website.

Pending Listing

Admin can click on the Pending Listing button which will move the listing from Published Stated to Pending State.

Reject Request

Admin can reject the Report Request if found nothing wrong.

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