What are Email Templates ?

Aryan has an Email Management system that works from your Server SMTP settings and sends an email to listing owner/users upon specific actions on which email templates have been created. If you want to see

What are Email Templates Settings ?

There are some settings available for Email Management Templates like, Restore Default If you want to restore the default layout and content for your Email Template there is a button available for it. Disable Email

Can I Change A Listing Plan From Backend (WP-Admin) ?

Aryan is a completely developed system, It has price plans available you can offer Free / Paid plans to your users for listing submission on your website, But if you want to change a listing

Can I Change A Listing Author From Backend (WP-Admin) ?

The listing author can be managed in 2 ways, One is a frontend Claim system but if you want to change a listing author from the backend (wp-admin) like if you want to assign a

How To Create Master Search Page ?

What is Master Search? Aryan has a unique feature that is never seen before that is a master search that provides a simple unique way of searching listings from the website easily. All listing types

How Can I add my Custom Currency ?

You change your currency from the Theme Options > Currency Settings in the available list. If your currency is not available in the list then no need to worry about it we have the option

How To Create & Configure Submit Listing Page ?

To create & configure your submit listing page please create a page with a page name like submit listing copy its permalink URL edit that page with Elementor and drop ET Submit Listing Element inside

How To Create & Configure Author Dashboard Page ?

To create & configure your author dashboard page please create a page with a page name like author dashboard ( Make sure to set that page as Elementor Full Width ) Copy its permalink URL

How to setup Google / Yelp Near By Listings widget

Aryan has a Google Near By Listing widget which you can place in the Listing Detail Sidebar Section to show the Nearby listings of that current listing address from Google listings in the listing detail

How To Create Image Menu ?

Aryan has an Image menu facility for Restaurant Listing Types only if you are planning to show a menu card on your restaurant listing detail page you can simply add an image menu with some