How To Setup Ad Campaign

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Ads Campaign is actually a concept for a website owner to create more revenue for his business besides the Paid Listings / Paid claims etc. Users can set their listings as Ads and pay them for website owners so their listings can be shown in Top priority to the visitors.

Aryan is offering 3 Places Spots to show Ad Listings.

Each place have different price and user have to pay to start a campaign After a certain time campaign will be expired and the listing will become a normal listing,

  1. Ads Listing Home
  2. Top Search Results
  3. Listing Detail Page Sidebar

Admin can set these sections prices from Theme Options > Ads Campaign >

Ads are posted on the listings by Listing Owner from his User Dashboard > Ads Campaign >

User can select only his published listing select position/places where he wants to show ads and the number of days ads will remain active.

The price set in the admin dashboard is for each day so a number of days will make the total price of Ad that the listing owner has to pay from the available payment gateways.

Once payment is successful then Ad Listing is active on the site.

Ads Listing Home

Ads on the homepage are drawn by ET Featured / Ads Element which you can select a number of posts from there to show

Select Ads

Select Listing Type of Ad

Select Grid / List Style

Top Search Results

Then we have top of the search, This will show ads of listings on the result page always on top and are changed upon page refresh,

Listing Detail Page Sidebar

Last we have sidebar Ads, Ads are shown on the listing detail page sidebar widget section for which you have to place Ad widget by going to Appearance > Widgets > Drag and drop ET Listings Ads widget in the listing detail page sidebar section.

This will show the number of ads as entered on the detail page in the sidebar section.

Complete Video Guide :

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