What is the Difference Between Listing Type & which Features are Offered ?

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Here are some of the highlight of the features of listing types available

If you are using the General Listing type then you can create any listing directory you want this is a general listing that can be used for all types.

The Features offered in the General Listing Type are as follow.

  1. Listing Features
  2. Listing Form Fields
  3. Listing Address & Location
  4. Business Hours
  5. Manager Timings
  6. Nearby Widget
  7. Ads / Featured Listings
  8. Price Range
  9. Social Profiles
  10. Video
  11. Gallery Images
  12. Explore By City Element
  13. Top-Rated Business Element
  14. Leads Form
  15. Much More

Eventera Listing Type is specially designed and developed for Events listings, If you are planning to have a Events specific Directory then this is perfect because Eventera offers exact features for the event directory website.

  1. Event Address
  2. Events Features
  3. Event Form Fields
  4. Event Host
  5. Event Gallery Images
  6. Event Speakers
  7. Event Tickets
  8. Event Sponsors
  9. Event Schedule
  10. Event Calendar
  11. Event Gallery Section
  12. Event Search

Restroera is designed and Developed with tons of features targeting Restaurant directory.

  1. Restaurant Address
  2. Restaurant location
  3. Restaurant features
  4. Restaurant Form Fields
  5. Restaurant Timings
  6. Restaurant Manager Timing & Detail
  7. Restaurant Delivery Information
  8. Restaurant Order
  9. Restaurant Chefs
  10. Restaurant Specialties
  11. Restaurant Menu Items
  12. Restaurant Deals
  13. Restaurant Coupons

Autoera Listing Types offers a Directory solution for Automobile Car Listings with there complete information to list car features

  1. Automobile Categories
  2. Automobile Car Detail
  3. Automobile Car Registered City
  4. Automobile Location
  5. Automobile Features
  6. Automobile Form Fields
  7. Automobile FAQs
  8. Automobile Safety Tips
  9. Automobile Auto Loan Calculator
  10. Automobile Compare Cars
  11. Automobile Dealers

Properyera Listing Type include Property Directory Management with a complete property listing information

  1. Property Search
  2. Property Agencies
  3. Property Agents
  4. Property Categories
  5. Property Best Deals
  6. Property Mortgage Calculator
  7. Property Compare
  8. Property Gallery
  9. Property 3D View
  10. Property Floor Plans
  11. Property Facilities Near By
  12. Property Analytics
  13. Property Yelp Nearby Places
  14. Property Walk Score


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