What are Images Sizes Recommended to be used ?

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To have perfect Images fit into the sections on the website then you need to have the following dimension size of the images that are recommended to be used.

Logo Size :

The Recommended Size for the Logo is 128px X 128px || 150px X 150px

404 Page :

Recommend Size for 404 Style 1 : 416px X 330px

Recoomended Size for 404 Style 2 & 3 : 1920px X 700px

Home Banner Image :

For Home Main Banner Image please use 1920px X 700px image for best use

If you use less dimension size image in width then it might leave margin space from left and right screen.

Page Header Background Image :

Recommended Size for Page Header Background Image should be 1920px X 350px

Map Cluster Icon :

Map Cluster Icon used for overlapping listings in zoom condition should be in height 50px X 50px

Default Logo for Listings :

If you do not set any logo for your listing then the default logo is automatically placed over there which should be 135px X 135px in size.

Default Featured Image :

If no featured image is assigned to listings/locations then the default image is placed from Theme Options which size should be larger than 300px X 350px

Listing Featured Image Size :

Please use this or a larger size for listing featured images so they can set fit for grid and list view

300px X 350px

Blog, Shop Archive & Detail Page Banner Image :

If no image is set for blog / shop and detail page banner then the default image size should be set 1920px X 700px

Listing Gallery Images :

The best Size should be 1920px X 700px to have a high-resolution view for gallery image in a lightbox when open.


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