How Can I Set Listing Detail Pages Style ?

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Aryan has 5 Different Listing types available so each Listing type has its own listing detail page style you can switch each other’s design you wish to have for your listing type.

Let’s Take Example

You have drawn 2 different Elements of Listing types of the same pages for Listings

ET Listing General Listing Grid

ET Listing Event Grid

When users will click on Listings Grid it will move to the General Listing Detail Page

Now when Users will click on Event Grid Element it will move the user to the Event Detail Page Design with its relevant information of Events that will be shown. But you can choose any style from the Theme Options to change the detail page style you wish to have.

You can manage/customize the Listing Detail page with an available option from Theme Options > Listings > Detail >

Manage the section with drag and drop sets available for the Content / Sidebar Layout you want.

You can use the layout manager to manage your listing detail page layout content/sidebar section by moving up and down the sections you want.

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