How To Create Yelp API Key ?

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Yelp is a famous website that you can use to get data of listing reviews and display them on your Property Listing content section or you can use What’s Nearby Widget to show listings from yelp.


  • Create an app to obtain your private API Key.
  • Authenticate API calls with the API Key.
  • Step 1 – From the link HERE, click on the Create App link.

  • Step 2 – It will take you to the login page. Login with your account details
  • Step 3 – You will find your API key under General > Manage App. You can enter your email ID and description on this page.

  • Step 4 – You can enable yelp option from your

Theme Options > Listings > Detail > Property Listing Type > Yelp > Switch it On

Make sure it’s Enabled in the Content Section of Layout Manager.

  • Configure its settings

  1. Yelp Near by Categories
  2. Yelp Result Limit
  3. Yelp Distance Unit KM/Miles
  4. Distance

Come Back to Aryan Theme Options > API > Yelp API

Insert the API key in the given field.

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