How Save Listing Works ?

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Aryan has Save Listing Feature which users can use to Save the listings.

There are 2 cases of Saved Listings

Case 1

The user is logged in with a registered account at the website, When that user will save a listing it will be shown in his User Dashboard > Favorite Listings >

User can see his saved listings or he can remove them from the list whenever he wants

Case 2

Visitors on the website as none Logged in, which means they have no account registered on the website and they are saving listings then how can it be viewed.

Admin needs to create a new page and drop ET Saved Listing Element inside it

Choose Listing Types which is currently activated on the site and set the number of posts he wants to show Saved Listing will be shown on that page for non logged in users.

In the last, you can set this page in the menu item for your none logged in visitors 🙂

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