How To Translate Aryan ?

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If you want to translate or change the default text in the buttons, header, and pages like Submit Listing text, Aryan has a language file .pot inside the theme languages folder which you can use with any translator plugin to translate the theme strings to your own words or language.

Before proceeding you must check the selected default language from WordPress Dashboard  Settings > General > Site Language that matches the language which you are translating in Loco Translate. For example, if you are translating the site into Brazilian Portuguese then make sure the Site Language, Português (Portuguese) is selected.

The above language should match the language (Portuguese) you are planning to create or have already created in Loco Translate.

You just need to Install and activate the Plugin,

Loco Translate

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How to Use this plugin?

Steps : Go to: Dashboard >>Loco Translate >> Theme >> Aryan

Make sure you select Aryan and DO NOT SELECT Aryan Child

Click on Add new language.

just give your language:

Under Choose a location leave the default (Author) settings selected, and click

in the editor search for the string you want to change, give the new one in the text box, hit save, and then Sync.

Select a Source text string to be translated

Enter your custom text below the box given to change the string.

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How To Translate Aryan Exact Core Plugins?

There are 2 core things about Aryan, One is the theme, and the other is the Aryan Exact Core plugin.

Why Need to load Exact Core language file?

Many words/strings are coming from plugins like Pricing plans, Listing submit and edit page and checkout pages, so that requires to load exact core plugin language file which you can do it by going to Loco Translate > plugin > Exact Core >

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