How To Configure Facebook Login ?

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To configure the Facebook login service at your site you need to get a Facebook Application ID just no need for any other key or third-party service help.

You can now complete the following steps to create your Facebook Application ID.

Create a Facebook Application ID

  1. Go to the Facebook Developers Apps page, and sign in with your Facebook username and password.
  2. Click the Add a New App button. If you do not see the option to create a new app in the upper right-hand corner, click on Register as Developer.

In the Create a New App ID dialog:

  • Enter a name for the application in the Display Name field. Using your store name is recommended.
  • Add a Contact Email.
  • Read the Facebook Platform Policies and decide if you accept them.
  • Once you’ve read the Facebook Platform Policies, click the Create App ID button. Note that by clicking the Create App ID button, you agree to the Facebook Platform Policies.

You will then encounter a reCaptcha security check. Follow the instructions and click Submit.

On the left navigation under Settings, click Basic.

You should now be on the Basic (Basic Settings) page for your app, where the App Name you provided in Step 2 will be shown in the Display Name field. Check that this name is correct and that your contact email address is correct.

Enter your secure URL (HTTPS) in the App DomainsPrivacy Policy, and Terms of Service fields. Note: You may need to temporarily disable password protection in order for Facebook to be able to validate the URLs. You can re-enable password protection afterward.

Click Add Platform.

In the Select Platform dialog, click Website.

In the Site URL field, enter your secure URL.

Click the Save Changes button.

On the left navigation, click the + icon to the right of PRODUCTS.

On the Add, a Product page, click the Set Up button in the Facebook Login module.

On the next page, select Web.

On the left navigation, select Settings under Facebook Login.

Make sure the following are set to Yes:

  • Client OAuth Login
  • Web OAuth Login
  • Embedded Browser OAuth Login
  • Enforce HTTPS
  • Click Save Changes.

Now expand the Setting menu and select Basic. Here you can find the App ID

On the top-left, click the toggle switch next to Status: In Development.

In the Make App Public? dialog, select a category from the Choose a Category pull-down menu.

After App ID is available, Please go to Theme Options > API Settings > Facebook API key

Paste the key there.

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