Listings Not Getting Expiries ?

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Server Cron Job is not working due to which listings are not getting expired. Actually when the listing gets expires by Cron Job of your server if enabled then an email will also be sent to the listing owner and the listing will be expired from the site.

How this expiry thing works.

When a user buys a package ( paid ), pay using some automatic payment method ( Stripe for example ) then a CRON job is scheduled at your server-side which is going to run on the day when the package is going to expire. So if your server has CRON Jobs enabled, and your server allowed Wp-cron.php ( WordPress file to schedule crons at the server) to schedule cron jobs then our package expiry system should work exactly as expected. This is what you need to verify from your server that any cron jobs you schedule at your wp site is going to be scheduled on your Cpanel or not. Okay?

Why is CRONS:

That is a very cool feature of servers and wp to handle automated things with them. This way you don’t need to check on things you expect to be automatic, and your server will initiate them when the time reaches, Just like an alarming system works. hope that clears the confusion.

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