How To Setup Map API Key

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I. Important Updates

As of June 11, 2018, you must enable billing with a credit card and have a valid API key for all of your projects. This will give you the ability to scale easily with less downtime and fewer performance issues. In addition, Google Maps has simplified its 18 individual APIs into three products: Maps, Routes, and Places.

Key Changes:

1. To get and use Google Maps API you will need to create a billing account along with a credit card.

2. When you enable billing, you get $200 free usage every month for Maps, Routes, or Places.

3. Free Monthly usage limit is crapped to $200 credit. If your API call usage exceeds over $200 free credit then you will be charged for the additional calls.

4. You only pay for what you use. You can review rates and access your spending any time in your Google Cloud Platform Console, where you can also set daily quotas to protect against unexpected increases. You can also set billing alerts to receive email notifications when charges reach a preset threshold determined by you.

Other rates and limits found here.

II. Creating a Google Maps API Key

Due to new Google Map policy, We will need to create 2 api keys:

  1. The first API Key is used to show up Listings on Map (Google Map API (HTTP Restriction))
  2. The second API key is used to fetch Listing Address on the Add Listing page (Google Map Web Service API (IP Restriction))

Before creating API Key


1: Go to Get API Key page.
2: Click Get Started

3: When the Google API keys are generated there are 3 types of things that you have to include in the API key one is the places that show the google auto location and the other is the maps that will show the map on your site. You need to get these all types in one API key then it will work.

When you are creating a google maps API key then make sure to include the following API.


This will show Google maps


When you search for a place in where field, Google address, or city the places in the dropdown suggestion is shown by Google places API


This service gets the user’s IP location and shows on the where field.

4. Click on + Create new Project and enter in your project name (Eg: aryan)

5. Click Next

6. Select Create Billing Account

7: Select your Country and click Agree and Continue

8. Now enter all required billing information and set up your billing profile.

Once your billing has been set up, you can move onto creating your API Key.

Google Map API (HTTP Restriction)

1. Click on the Credentials tab

2. Click on the Create Credentials link on the Credentials window and select API Key

3. Copy YOUR API KEY and paste to Your Site > Theme Options > Map Settings > Map API key. If you are using a cache plugin, please flush the cache.

4. Click on Edit API Key button

5. Select HTTP Referrers and put your website address to a while list field. The website address should follow this instruction: https://**

Finally, click Save Changes.

Google Map Web Service API (IP Restriction)

1,2,3,4: Do the same Google Map API (HTTP Restriction)

5. Select IP addresses instead of select HTTP referrers. Then put your website IP address to the while list field


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