How to use Discount Coupons on Payment Checkout page ?

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How to Create & Use Discount Coupon for Payment Checkout page

First please make sure the use of coupons is enabled from Theme Options > Payment Settings > Allow Coupons 

Go to Coupons > Add New Coupon

Enter coupon name

Select coupon usage as Percentage or Fixed

If you select a percentage of 50 it will minus 50% of the listing total value

If you select 50 as Fixed then it will minus $50 from the original price like listing total price is $80 it will minus $50 remaining will be shown as $30

Note: If the original price of the listing plan is $40 and you are applying fixed value coupon of $50 then it will not work

In the last step, the select coupon will be applicable for

New Listings

Claim Listing

Ad Campaign

Change Plan

After the coupon is created you can copy the coupon code share it with the users you want which they can apply on the checkout page to get the discount on the original price.

Video Guide :

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