What are Email Templates Settings ?

There are some settings available for Email Management Templates like, Restore Default If you want to restore the default layout and content for your Email Template there is a button available for it. Disable Email

Can I Change A Listing Author From Backend (WP-Admin) ?

The listing author can be managed in 2 ways, One is a frontend Claim system but if you want to change a listing author from the backend (wp-admin) like if you want to assign a

How To Create Master Search Page ?

What is Master Search? Aryan has a unique feature that is never seen before that is a master search that provides a simple unique way of searching listings from the website easily. All listing types

What are Email Templates ?

Aryan has an Email Management system that works from your Server SMTP settings and sends an email to listing owner/users upon specific actions on which email templates have been created. If you want to see

How Can I Edit Default Email Templates ?

Each Email Templates is editable and can be customized easily with a given WordPress editor and shortcodes by the system, Each template has its own shortcodes that can be placed inside the email templates table